January 22, 2004

Shameless Endorsement

Although I generally dislike internet advertising and blatant product placement in television and movies, I thought I'd break a long blogging dry-spell by shamelessly endorsing the *best* CD I've heard in a long time. Sarah McLachlan Remixed is an awesome collection of house, trance and chill remixes of some of her greatest songs by such techno powerhouses as DJ Tiesto, Dusted, BT, William Orbit and Rabbit in the Moon. Granted, the Rabbit in the Moon remix of Possession came out in 1995 and was one of the reasons I loved Plastic Compilation, Vol. 1, but it's a classic so I'm glad it's on the album, especially since I lost my Plastic 1 years ago... Also the BT remix of I love you and the DJ Tiesto remix of Silence have been out for some time, but the Silence remix is a longer one than appeared on either Paul Oakenfold's 2000 Perfecto Presents album or Delerium's single release of the track. As for the other tracks, there's a new remix of Fear, which is more dancey than the chill Rabbit in the Moon track on Plastic 1, an almost trip-hop remix of Angel, surprisingly high-energy, thumping remixes of the originally mellow and sad Sweet Surrender, Hold On and Plenty, and a fittingly dark and haunting remix of Black. As much as I love Sarah's original tracks, this remix album has managed to do a totally different take on each song but not drown-out or downplay the beauty of her voice or butcher the original the way that so many remixes do. I was excited when I saw this album on the shelf because I just knew it had to be good (and the cover is pretty sweet, too), but I didn't know it would be this good. If you like Sarah, you should definitely get your hands on these tracks...


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I love the first Plastic! The mixes on it work so well with her songs. I also love the one with Shirley from Garbage, which says a lot because I usually can't stand that lady.

Posted by: robyn at January 22, 2004 03:07 PM