March 04, 2004

Inflatable Supermodels Rock the Stork Club

Last night, March 3, Inflatable Supermodels, the band hailing from Chico, California headlined at Oakland's Stork Club. I missed the first band, but the second was kinda pop... well, very, since they played a rock n' roll cover of the most annoying song of 2003, Outkast's "Hey Ya." The third band was pretty cool; as Dustin put it, "more rock, less talk." But once the Supermodels took the stage, they rocked the house... or what was left of it at midnight on a Wednesday. Props to them for kicking ass, the Stork for having them (and an insane collection of collectible Barbies) and the crowd for being so supportive. Check out these hot pictures. (click on pictures for larger images... feel free to suggest captions)

2 soundcheck.jpg

3 red rock.jpg

4 singin in red.jpg

5 scary.jpg

6 on a chair.jpg


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it's no princesses on ice. but i guess princesses on pot are just as good.

Posted by: didofoot at March 5, 2004 08:28 AM