September 29, 2004

America's Next Top Model: It's Back!


Tonight, I watched the 2nd episode of the new (3rd) season of America's Next Top Model. I thought it was going to be the season premier, but they had already narrowed the field down to 14 in Los Angeles. This episode started out with the girls coming to New York City, where Tyra told them that their first photo shoot was going to be in Jamaica. Of course, one girl (Kelle) was already getting on everyone's nerves, and some girl (Ann) freaked out on the plane because she's afraid of flying.

They were photographed in bikinis and heels, standing on lava rocks by the ocean. Some were pretty good... meaning they had the "high fashion" look, actually managed to pose in a cool way and not have a dopey look on their face... others were lame and some just have bodies that make me wonder what the hell Tyra was thinking when she chose them. My favorite this shoot was Yaya since she's gorgeous and had the best model-like poses and attitude. A lot of people must like her too, since she's currently #1 on both popularity polls. Eva is #2 on both polls, but I just really don't like her for some reason. Maybe it's that she talks shit about Kelle for being "white washed", yet her hair is nearly blonde (which I don't think is particularly flattering on black women, especially since it detracts from her pretty hazel eyes). However, my favorite and the one I'm going to put my money on is Julie. She's beautiful and I liked her 2nd best in this episode, but she's unique in that there aren't a lot of (are there any?) Indian girls in modeling (like April from last season being a rare Asian model). I like that she has a look that's very different from all the other girls, and she seems really nice. At the end of the Jamaica shoot, Magdalena was the first girl to be eliminated from the show. I wasn't sad; her pics weren't that great and, although she's pretty, there's something terribly bland about her face.

Once they girls got back to New York City, they were taken to their fabulous, and totally huge apartment in the super famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Ann totally cried because she was supposedly bestest friends with Eva and wanted to room with her, but didn't get to because Eva was too busy checking out the apartment for them to get beds in the same room. All the girls were appropriately turned off by this, saying Ann is co-dependent, which I so agree with. She's a super pretty girl, but she's kinda lame. They took a tour of NYC and Kelle (a NY native) got on their nerves some more by telling them all about how she shops, and how fabulous and rich her life is. She cried when she found out the girls were talking trash about her... it's so hard being rich and spoiled and not having anything to talk about except how rich you are and how many pairs of Gucci pants you have. I, for one, feel for Kelle; I too have too many Prada bags. However, that could work out in Kelle's favor, since Tyra made a comment about how into high fashion Kelle is... reminding me about how they used to say how Yoanna (who I despise) should be the top model because she was super into fashion and wanted to be a model all her life (even when she was fat). Anyhow, they showed the girls' best photos from Jamaica (sadly, each models pics aren't up on the website yet); I think most were pretty bad, so Yaya and Julie totally won this round. Lea was eliminated because she couldn't be still for the camera during the shoot, but Anne was 2nd to last; that's what you get for being lame on Tyra's show.

Next week is the traditional "fabulous make-over" episode and I can't wait to see who gets the worst haircut and/or color, and who turns out to be the next Shandi.

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Boy howdy am I happy there's another season of The Show Where Models Cry! I like Blindy (aka Amanda) if I have to like anyone; I also like Eva, though I also sort of don't like her, too (because I don't like anyone younger than me) and the same with Brace-Face (I don't know her real name) who I like because of the braces but dislike because she is annoying.

I'm rooting for Flag Girl (the one who's prom dress was a flag pattern) to fall down some stairs, and for the fat girl to get kicked off because I'm sick of the anti-thin people bullshit. Screw you, Fatty, I work hard to have a nice body and no, your rolls aren't sexy.

However, in this show I don't think it's a matter of who wins the competition, but who makes the biggest, sobbiest fool of herself on television; So far Ann is in the lead with Kelle at a relaxed second, and I can't wait to see what happens when they cut off Jennipher's (who should be clubbed for that spelling, by the way) hair.

Posted by: Renee at September 30, 2004 09:24 AM