October 07, 2004

Oh, No She Didn't!

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Let's hear it for Amanda, this week's America's Next Top Model Most Annoying Girl of the Week! Yay Amanda! Just what did she do that was so bad?

1. She was the first to cry this week, but while singing an annoying lullaby to her infant son and then going on and on about what a good mom she is and how she has such a nurturing personality.

2. She's white as snow, has steel blue eyes and got the blondest blonde you can have and not have white hair. It was straight scary, but she said it made her feel sexier and more confident. I bet, after that, she was all attitude and kept talking about how all the girls are intimidated by her, and how she feels so powerful, etc, etc. However, no one really seemed to really feel challenged by her, but they were kinda freaked out about her new look. At the end of the show Janice said her "beauty shot" looked like it could be the cover of "Danish Vogue". Is that supposed to be a compliment?

3. It had been established earlier in the show that Cassie was trying to lose weight by "watching what she eats," which basically means she eats almost nothing. Rather than being discreet about it, Cassie seems to make it a point to tell people that she's not eating much and makes a show of giving them her food to eat. She says that she really wants to be a model and she'll do whatever it takes. Even sadder than all that is that Cassie decides to "confide" in Amanda that she's bulimic. (Finally someone on the show comes out and says it!) Naturally, Amanda tells a couple people real fast, and before you can say "Easy breezy beautiful!", everyone knows! Cassie is "upset" and the girls start talking about how she could get kicked off it Tyra were to find out. That night, Cassie makes an announcement that she "used to be" bulimic but isn't anymore, so there's nothing to tell, but she is watching her weight and it's her body... It was so sad I almost cried. Also by that night, all the girls had decided that the real problem was with Amanda, who they suspect spread Cassie's "secret" just to get her kicked off by Tyra, thus preserving her own spot for another week. She's called a "backstabber" and cries on the phone to her mom. Boo hoo, I'm mean and selfish. Boo hoo.

4. Although she really sucked at the final make-up challenge, the judges applauded Amanda for the fact that her "beauty shot" required the least touch up work. If the judges knew what had happened earlier in the week, they wouldn't have done that and I wouldn't have almost thrown my shoe at the TV.

So, who got kicked off?
In the end, it came down to Kelle and Julie. As you can see from the pictures, Kelle should have been the one to go. In Camille-style Kelle argued that she didn't have a problem emoting, that the photographer had just chosen a bad picture of her. That made Tyra angry and they all told her that she needed to accept and use their criticism. Take that Miss Thang! However, Julie said the most shocking thing imaginable on a modeling show: "I don't what to be a model." OMG, I thought Tyra and Janice were going to spring over the table and wring her neck! Julie said the reason she didn't have any spark in front of the camera was because she really only wanted to use the competition to find out more about the fashion world because she really wants to go into fashion manufacturing. So, Julie was given the boot and Kelle is saved to try to figure out how to give it to the camera one more time. I agree that Julie should be the one to go; it would be wrong to crush someone else's dream by winning something you don't even really want.

So, who won this week?
Amanda got called first, which probably means that the judges thought she won, but she gets major minus points from this judge because of her scariness and her attitude. Once again, I have to give it to Yaya. Not only do I think she had the best hair transformation (from braids to superfro), but she also had the best (touched up) beauty shot. Sure she's got real bad skin still, but they she just had her first real dermatology appointment this week, so it could get a lot better. She's the prettiest, most interesting, yet least catty girl, she speaks 4 languages, goes to Brown and her favorite movie is "The Fifth Element" (which is my favorite movie). Not surprisingly, Yaya's in leading the polls, with 30% of the vote for most likely to win and with 27% of the most popular vote.


Posted by Kristina at October 7, 2004 05:13 PM

I don't even know where to begin. Man does NMB hate Blindy (once again, aka Amanda), and Pjos and I are in full agreement. Blindy sucks-y.

Things about Blindy that suck:

1. She refers to herself as a "hippie mom" every ten seconds (yet can often be seen bumping a ghetto booty YOU-KNOW dance when pleased, i.e. when she learned she'd be getting blond hair)

2. When she's not calling herself a hippie or booty bopping, she's Zoolandering all over the place, popping hips and pouting lips and telling everyone how intimidated they are of her.

3. When she behaved like a jerk, she called her mom and begged, "Mommy, tell me I'm a good person," through her tears. No, Blindy, you're a bad person; you're a good model, and a good jerk, but a bad person.

The request for validation from Moms was my favorite part of this week's show, followed closely by the moment when Jennipher (who should be shot for spelling her name that way) cried after they cut all her hair off. Take that, tard!

Also, how lame does Brace Face look with short hair and no braces? The braces camouflaged her annoying personality (example: she referred to her braces as "bling on my grill") and the long hair and skinniness made her look sort of like an anime character, but now she's just boring.

And what about Eva? She looked so much better all soft of pretty with fluffy brown hair, not that spikey blond bullshit. Boo for that. And a similar boo to Ann's new do, which looks like that one time I screwed up my bleach job in high school.

And yay for Julie getting kicked off; I don't think I could've taken another week of her saying deserves to win just because there's no American Indian supermodels (and I mean in the sense that there are probably tons of Indian models in India, but none, apparently, in the US).

Also, I'd like to point out that now Ann and Eva are roommates, therefore Ann's breakdown over the fact that she'd have to live in a different room (in the same apartment) as Eva for, what, roughly a week? is unjustified and deserving of further mockery. Ann, your hair is dumb, and you are lame, so there. Go cry some more.

Lastly, I think it's great that there's an openly no-longer-bulimic-even-though-I-still-throw-up-sometimes chick. Elyse and Shandi played the don't-tread-on-me-because-I'm-naturally-thin-and-I-only-fainted-from-the-hot-lights-not-a-lack-of-food role for the past two seasons, it's about time for a struggling bulimic who can at least (sort of) admit she's got issues.

Posted by: Renee at October 8, 2004 07:49 AM
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