December 31, 2004

Photos of Renee's Birthday and Christmas

Since I finished with finals on the 20th, I spent most of the first week of vacation wrapping and mailing presents to family and most of this week attempting to fill up the 40 GB iPod the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world gave to me for Christmas. I've loaded every mp3 and ripped (almost) every CD I own, but, sadly, I'm only at 5.75 GB. Other highlights of my vacation, so far, have been Renee's Birthday, getting a Christmas tree and family gatherings. Check out my fun pics by clicking on the sample pics below.

christmas tree small.jpg

In the last couple days, we had Shalimar with Aaron H., Tami, Renee, Jay, Cody and Sean, and then most of us went to the Gold Dust and then the Bliss Bar, where we stayed almost until closing time. Shockingly, Renee, Aaron and I weren't hung over the next day... Aaron thinks it's because of all the Shalimar oil. Yesterday, Aaron and I exchanged some of his ill-fitting Christmas gifts for some fabulous (yet tasteful) Tommy Bahama silk shirts and some new shorts and sandals for our trip to Acapulco next week. We're excited to leave SF for a bit and go to a place where we'll do nothing but drink margaritas and where the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I will post pictures as soon as we get back.

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