March 06, 2005

Expansion of Internet Surveillance Authority Under the PATRIOT Act

Last semester, I took a Mass Media Law Seminar. It was excellent, mostly because Prof. Diamond is such an exciting, creative and knowledgable guy. What I really love about my seminar was that we got to write our final papers on any topic having to do with Mass Media Law, rather being limited to topics we actaully discussed in class. I went out on a limb and decided it would be interesting to write about something I had no previous knowledge of but always wanted to know more about. It was tough and a very long process, and I wasn't sure if Diamond would like it, but it turned out to be my best law school grade thus far. So, without further ado, here's my paper on Expansion of Internet Surveillance Authority under the PATRIOT Act.

(Here's a web page version, but it has some odd formatting issues.)

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Hey there,

You're not on AIM this morning, but I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Sorry that this comment doesn't have anything to do with your wonderful Internet Surveillance Act paper...hope you have a good one today :)

Posted by: Jess at March 11, 2005 08:25 AM