April 16, 2005

I am Wu the Lotus Blossom, a humble student searching for my master.

jade cover.jpg

Aaron got a new game this week called Jade Empire (this site has sound). He played it for a little while, and then I thought I'd give it a try because it was my "Friday" evening. It's a pretty fucking awesome game. You can choose so many different paths, the fight skills are easy to learn but the game definitely keeps you on your toes, the stories and characters are engaging, the areas are complex and look great... and it's addictive. I started Thursday evening and just couldn't stop because I wanted to see what would happen next and what kind of crazy things would happen.

jade scene.jpg
Wu and Dawn Star hooking up

It's set in what seems to be ancient China, but ghosts and advanced technology are both so prevalent that it's really a very fanciful world. You are a senior martial arts student with a amazing destiny and a mysterious past. Somethings rotten in the Jade Empire and you can either set it right or use it to your advantage. You don't know who to trust and you can be as good or as bad as you want to be. There are always new martial art styles and weapons to be leared, and tons of opportunities to get some silver coins or make a name for yourself. There's a good amount of gore, some not-so-subtle sexual inuendo, and tons and tons of different ghosts and monsters.

big lotus.jpg
electric lotus.jpgflame lotusl.jpg

I played as Wu the Lotus Blossom and I chose to be good, just because I'm not a "bad guy" kinda gal. She's got a lot of good moves, a cute outfit and makes a pretty ghost. Even with a majority of the side-quests, I finshed the game with about 18 hours of actual game time. Although that doesn't seem like a lot, I'm looking forward to playing as another character and playing a less gooddy-goody role after finals are over. Although I feel bad about wasting the majority of my weekend, after I realized I wasn't going to be able to live until I got to the end, I figured I might as well get rid of any excuse to play it between now and the end of finals. So tomorrow, I will begin my day of reading and my finals period knowing that the wrongs of the Empire have been set right and I can kick anyone's ass, given enough chi and a big sword.

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How does it compare with Dynasty Warriors?

I'm glad the outfits are up to par.

Posted by: sean at April 17, 2005 05:02 PM

It's much better than Dynasty Warriors because it's an RPG instead of pure fighting. It's like Fable but without all of Fable's annoying drawbacks. I don't mind that female video game characters tend to have overly sexy clothing compared to the male characters. If I was a super hero, my costume would be something like Wonder Woman/She-Ra's, so I don't mind if my computerized alter-ego shows a little skin.

Posted by: Kristina at April 17, 2005 11:17 PM