November 13, 2005

A Ton of Fun, Cool Pictures


I've had a pretty busy semester, switching back-and-forth between extreme work and extreme procrastination. Often I feel like I have nothing to blog about because nothing exciting happens to me, but looking back on all these pictures, I guess I could have blogged about all this cool stuff. Check out my pics!

Joy's 27th B-day (1-9)
We had chicken adobo and lumpia at Joy's house before heading to Solstice where we had great drinks and a lot of fun. Joy got a lot of cool gifts and I wasn't feeling so great at my Friday morning class.

San Francisco Love Parade 2005 (10-36)
This was much better than the 2004 Love Parade because it was at a more central location, it wasn't freezing cold, the beer lines were shorter, there were more "facilities" (but we used the ones at Hastings because it was so close) and more famous DJ's were there. I was particularly excited to see Dan The Automator and be able to dance in the streets of Civic Center.

A's Game with Julia and Susan (37-39)
We didn't get much from the game, but we got hot dogs and plenty to drink. It was the first time Susan and Julia had met, but I knew they would get along great and of course they did!

Visiting Erica's real house, Temescula, CA (40-49)
Erica and I drove down to Temescula for the weekend to get some much needed sun and some desperately needed distance between us and school... although I managed to read quite a bit while sunning my back. Her house is big and super cool... you could have some awesome parties there! We drank wine, ate good fodd and listened to a lot of Kelly Clarkson. Good times!

Hastings' Barrister's Ball 2005 at the San Francisco City Club (50-55)
Aaron took me to Barrister's Ball this year. It wasn't that great because they played nothing but (mediocre) rap, very few 3L's were there and the drinks were pricey, but the venue was very nice, the drinks were strong and we all looked great!

Renee's Halloween/Welcome Back party (56-64)
Brandy came with us. I was DD. I got some fun pics, but none of me in my super pretty costume. Oh well.

Our trip to Jamestown, NY (65-81)
We'd just gotten engaged and my grandma was recovering from radiation therapy for breast cancer, so Aaron and I thought it would be good to go visit the Almquists back in Jamestown, NY. We had a pretty good time and my grandparents were very glad to finally get to know Aaron a little (and to see me).

The BALSA Katrina Fundraiser (82-84)
Susan, Erica and I went to the BALSA Hurricane Katrina fundraiser at Soluna where we dance to early 90's hip hop with Josh. We later went to Kezar in the Haight, of course.

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Yea for pictures!

Posted by: Erica at November 14, 2005 03:04 PM

I had no idea there were any photos of my party. Rock for at least SOME documentation of the madness. Promise not to bail so hard core at my birthday party. Scratch that--promise not to bail, period.

Posted by: Renee at December 16, 2005 08:02 PM