January 06, 2006

New Year's 2006: From P.Hill to Vegas

As you may have heard, the new year 2006 recently began. Aaron and I ushered in the new year by attending a fun party at Kati's new house in P.Hill where I don' remember taking most of these pictures and I guess Aaron and I took a long nap post-midnight and post sharing 4 bottles of champagne with our common very-good childhood friend, Renee. Good times. (Please feel free to send me picture-caption ideas or requests to delete any unflattering photos)

Renee, Gene, Kati and Aaron celebrating the arrival of 2006

The next day, we headed to Las Vegas where we stayed at the Mandalay Bay, played poker, ate good food and my uncle Albert took me to see the Hoover Dam. I loooooove the Mandalay Bay, not only because it's asian themed but because it's gorgeous everywhere you look, the waitresses are actually pretty so their skimpy outfits don't gross me out as much, it's not too cold inside (probably to accomodate the asian ladies comme moi), the poker room is small and friendly (and offers bonuses on "high hands"), the rooms are very nice and we saw Chris "Jesus" Ferguson as we were going down to the lobby one day. I thought it was cool he was staying on the same floor as us, but we didn't want to harass him so we didn't get an autograph or anything. Bummer. The only bad thing I can say about the hotel is that the beds are a little hard, but not nearly as hard as other hotels we've stayed at. All in all, I give the Mandalay Bay two thumbs up... but that's not shocking since it alreayd has the reputation of being one of the best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

The official site of my first truly enjoyable trip to Las Vegas

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You didn't have fun on our trip in 2001? But, remember Caesar's Palace? And the big football full of rum? And KT the blackjack dealer with a coke habit?

Posted by: sean at January 6, 2006 12:56 PM

That was definitely a fun day. I wish I knew where those pictures were because they were pretty choice. That trip was alright, but I remember it being really fast and like the other two times I'd been to Vegas I hardly played cards and drank way too much a couple times. This time around I spent many mostly enjoyable hours playing low limit poker which forced me to go easy on the free drinks. However, there was a sad lack of fun pictures and generally being silly. Next time we go, we should make it a group trip :)

Posted by: Kristina at January 6, 2006 02:15 PM