September 23, 2003

Oops! My head just fell off...

Today I was sitting in Civil Procedure... yeah, that's it... today's Tuesday so it must have been in CivPro... when, right in the middle of the prof's expert grilling of some poor girl in the 2nd row about Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 11(c)(1)(B), after having been up to 1am the night before and 3am the night before that hunched over my many big, heavy books with various colored highlighters in (and all over) my hands, and on tons of benedryl due to the horrible mosquito bite on my foot, which makes it painful to walk at all, let alone with a good 20lbs of books, papers, laptop and my lunch to haul around, I thought I was going to doze off or perhaps attempt to reconnect to the internet just to see if the shitty wireless connection was actually up in the building at the moment, or maybe even check out my terrifyingly long list of reading assignments to do for the rest of the week and the even more disheartening list of cases I have not yet briefed, when my head suddenly fell off onto the floor and rolled under the desk... I swear that if it weren't for the constant sound of 120 people feverishly typing notes on their laptops you could have heard it. Then the buzzer (god, how I hate that thing) went off to signal the end of class, so I nonchalantly picked up my head, refit it, packed up my laptop and books and went to the dining common to try to get some briefing done before my next class and pretend to enjoy the homemade sandwich that I seem to have been eating for 3 straight weeks now. A 2 hour stint there, 3 cases knocked down and a good dose of's Deep House seemed to make things come back into focus... perhaps I will get caught up on my reading someday soon... but then in LW&R, we were given the next topic and research log for our next memo, which will be due next Tuesday and will surely force me to spend my entire weekend in Hastings' library, scouring the United States Code, Annotated for statutes about contributory possession of a controlled substance and, hopefully, also getting some reading done and, god willing, some briefing too, when my head fell off again. LW&R is in a fairly small room, but I didn't even see where it went this time, so when the buzzer went off again at 6:30 to tell me it was finally time to go home, I didn't know where to begin looking for it, so I just left, somehow made my way home and have finished just under half of the reading I need to do for tomorrow... I think I'll leave it in the LW&R class for now, at least that way, I can't lose it again...

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so when do you plan on retrieving your head? And how does your stomach feel about the whole situation? I think mine would be very unhappy.

Posted by: cody at September 24, 2003 05:16 PM

I'll get it next week, i guess, but then it'll just probably roll right off again. maybe i should look into getting it screwed on right... as for my stomach, it's pretty hungry because I'm often so flustered, busy, worried, caffeinated or nicotined up to pay any attention to it. Damned stomach, so demanding! Hmmm... think I have a candy bar in my bag...

Posted by: Kristina at September 24, 2003 06:46 PM