October 15, 2003

sexual harassment law 101

If female employee's superior was bisexual, his
insistence upon sexual favors from female would
not constitute gender discrimination because it
would apply to male and female employees alike."
Barnes v. Costle, 1977, 561 F.2d 983

42 United States Code Annotated, section 2000e-2 (West 1999)
Notes of Decisions, subdiv. VIII: Employer Practices - Harassment'
Note 485 - Bisexual as offender

In other news... Brandy's Back!
Over the weekend, Brandy called one of her friends using a cell phone. The friend gave the number to my parents who had it traced. Since they hadn't done so yet, while Aaron and I were on our way down to SJ to see if we could find her at her old school, I called the man to who the cell phone number was registered. Mr. Smart is 61 and doesn't live close to my parents at all (and totally thought I was insane when I first got him on the phone), but he said that his grandson lived close to my parents and he worked at an arcade called "Nickel City" in San Jose. He called me back about 20 minutes after our first conversation to say that his grandson let Brandy use his cell while she was at the arcade the other night and that she was there every night. I wanted to go check it out, but we thought that she wouldn't be there yet and we wanted to beat the traffic back to Oakland, so we just headed home. My dad went there instead and found her there and brought her home. I talked to her on the phone this evening and she sounds totally normal, like nothing happened at all. She said she was spending 2-3 nights with different families and that she learned a lot, just being out on her own and thinking for herself. She also said now she appreciated being home, "because free food and rent until you're 18 is cool." Damn straight it is.

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It sounds like she got a little perspective while she was away. It's a tough reality having to be out on your own. Maybe this will help her to stick it out.

Posted by: kati at October 16, 2003 09:11 PM