October 27, 2003

Law Quote of the Day #3

"Proclaiming that we have a government of laws, we
have, in jury cases, created a government of often
ignorant and prejudiced men."

Jerome Frank (2nd Cir. justice 1941-1957), Law and the Modern Mind pg. 191 (Anchor ed. 1963)

Disregarding the sexist nature of this comment, I think it's appropriate to say that our government of ignorant and prejudiced men is not limited to those who sit on juries and attempt to apply every day knowledge and experience to often complicated and technical legal questions. Forgive me for preaching to the choir here, but I must say that the "leader of our nation" is also ignorant and (quite seemingly) prejudiced, and seems to be doing more to weaken our government of laws on a daily basis than all the juries ever assembled have ever done. OK, study break is over... back to reading...

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