April 18, 2004

Some Good News (for once)

I got the job at LegalMatch.com that I interviewed for a couple weeks ago. I avoided opening the email from them for a couple days because I was sure that it was going to be rejection, but it wasn't and I was so excited. Oh, the pure vindication of it! So, I'm going to be working there Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer (unpaid) with the option of working a half-day Friday. I had wanted to get a part-time job at the First District Appellate Project (my old office), since it's only a block away and they seem to be somewhat shorthanded, but they're not sure if they'll have either the work or the money for me. Bummer, now I'll actually have to look for another job, so I can pay my rent and buy food... as well as party and shamelessly liquor myself up while not in school. Oh well. Any suggestions for good summer jobs?


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