June 02, 2004

Thank God for Larry David and Hookers

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a Southern California man, Juan Catalan, 26, was released after 5 months in jail for the murder of a 16-year girl that had once testified against his brother. All along, Juan had told police that he was at a Dodger game with his daughter and not 20 miles away gunning down an innocent girl in front of her house, but not even his ticket stubs and the word of his family members were enough to counter the "eyewitness" that placed Juan near the shooting that night.

Amazingly, this guy had a defense attorney creative and dedicated enough to go through all of the footage the team and the TV stations shot that night, but couldn't find a shot of Juan. Then the attorney found out that Larry David had been at the ballpark that night filming the "Car Pool Lane" episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, so he asked HBO for all of the footage they shot that night, and although Juan didn't make it into the episode, he was found in a shot that wasn't used. Luckily, all of the footage is digitally time and date-stamped, so it makes for perfect evidence that no one could deny. There's the guy, on tape, eating a hot dog with his little girl, just like he said all along.

I saw this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm when it aired, and it was actually funny (unlike many from this last season) because Larry not only buys pot for his father's glaucoma and gets really high himself and ends up yelling at himself in the bathroom mirror, but he picks up a hooker on the way to the Dodger game so he can use the car pool lane and gets totally busted by Cheryl when the hooker spots him at the court house when he's there to testify on behalf of his friend that got busted at the airport with the first bag of pot that the bought (the hooker provided the second and partied down with Larry's dad while Larry was trippin' in the bathroom). Ah good times. Thank you Larry David, for being funny and saving an innocent man from being sent to death row.

Larry David and Kym Whitley at the Dodger game

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First of all, I loved this last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Second of all, how odd that this was your entry today--the day I went to lunch and saw a bus ad that would only be funny to someone who'd seen this particular episode of C Your E.

What was the bus ad? Some accusing faces and a bright yellow statement:

"Over 50? Time for a colonoscopy!"

Posted by: Renee at June 4, 2004 11:55 AM

To tell you the truth, I didn't see too much of this season; I was busy and then we canceled HBO, so perhaps there were better episodes than the others that I saw. That is a ridiculous ad. However, I'll put my colonoscopy on my calendar for after my 50th birthday. 2030 is closer than you think.

Posted by: Kristina at June 4, 2004 12:45 PM