June 15, 2004

So Much For That... Next!

Today, I put on my suit and headed to my Tuesday/Thursday internship a good hour and half late, and handed in my resignation and my key card to the building. I couldn't take it anymore; it was so boring and can only be described as a legal writing sweatshop. Not really what I had in mind and definitely not something I could have put up with for the rest of the summer.

What spurned this very un-Kristina-like move? Last night, Cody and I were talking about how he is going to join Nick Waugh's campaign for San Francisco's District 5 Supervisor (a position Matt Gonzalez currently holds but is apparently not running for again) and how I should join too, to do a little research, a little policy writing and help develop a media strategy. This sounded like an excellently fun and fulfilling plan, so I quit my internship this morning in anticipation of beginning what could be a glorious career in political media consulting. A lot of people in my major at Cal were also Political Science majors since they wanted to be political consultants, and I always thought that was silly, but since I'm pretty sour on law school at the moment, an "alternative legal career" is sounding mighty appealing.

After I left my (ex)internship, I went over to the next block to visit my old co-workers and have lunch with them and Aaron, when I somehow got convinced and chided into accepting my old manager's offer to cover for the receptionist during the first month of her maternity leave. This means that I'll now have to phase myself out of and eventually quit my paying job that I go to 3 times a week. While I'm excited about the prospect of working at FDAP again, I'm dreading telling the computer lab folks that I'm going to be quitting. I'm sure they won't be happy and I'm just not good at doing stuff like that. Standing up for myself when it's bad for others has never been my strong suit in life.

So, the entire course of my summer has seemed to shift in the last 24 hours... and although such changes usually scare me to death, it has somehow made me feel more hopeful about the summer and even my future. Now, if I can just get through "breaking up" with the lab...


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woah, that's big news! I just saw you less than twelve hours ago and I still had to learn it through your blog. Congrats on walking away from LegalMatch...it was a waste of your time and intellect.

If you want to learn about what powers the Charter of the City of San Francisco grants the board of supervisors, check out:

Posted by: Cody at June 15, 2004 07:46 PM

Don't worry about the computer lab pple. That job is boring anyway. Have fun!!!

Posted by: Susan at June 16, 2004 06:20 AM

Yeah, it was a very abrupt change. I was going to tell you when we went out yesterday, Cody, but finding out from my blog is just as good. Susan, since I'm quitting the lab for a job that's going to pay me a lot more, I'm so going to buy my Phish ticket this week. Did you get yours already?

Posted by: Kristina at June 16, 2004 06:36 AM

Wait, you're buying a Phish ticket? You want to keep that on the down low, since FDAP is at or above its maximum allowance of hippies already. Now that Whole Foods Market has opened on the corner and Liz has returned from Belgium, the refrigerator is packed with organic produce and the air is filled with the scent of patchouli.

So, we're glad to have you back, even though the potential temp was really cute, but do yourself a favor and say something disparaging about hybrid cars or baby seals on your first day, just so the boss doesn't freak out about the hippie quota.

Posted by: sean at June 16, 2004 11:03 AM

Can you keep both the computer lab and FDAP? The would bring in the scrilla...

Posted by: cody at June 16, 2004 04:18 PM

Yeah, I'm going to the Phish show in Vermont with Susan who recently moved back east. I have to go to Jamestown around that time anyhow for my dad's 50th b-day celebration, and it turns out this is going to be Phish's last show ever b/c they're breaking up. (Didn't they break up once before though...) I don't think that makes me a hippie, mostly b/c then Aaron would have to hate me on principle and my life would fall to pieces. It's going to be a cool, 2-day event and a fun way to hang out with Susan and end my summer.

I'm working at both the lab and FDAP during the last 2 weeks of June, so I am going to be making some mad scrilla :)

Posted by: Kristina at June 17, 2004 02:46 PM