August 06, 2004

Pre-Vacation Photos

Today I had my last day at FDAP. Tomorrow I'm embarking on my one trip of the summer and won't return until just two days before school starts up again. First, I'm going to Jamestown, NY to vist my grandparents and celebrate my dad's 50th birthday with his whole family and a ton of his old friends from back in the day. Then I'll be taking a bus from Jamestown back to Buffalo (we'll be flying into Buffalo and driving to Jamestown first) and taking the train to Albany, NY to visit Susan and to attend the last Phish concert with her and some of her friends in Coventry, VT. Should be good times and I should get some real good pictures, but until then, here are some pics that I've collected over the last couple weeks.

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Oh no, now that Phish is breaking up what will all the dirty hippies do? I mean, when Jerry Garcia died, all the Dead fans just mosied sedately over to the Phish camp to join the pre-existing group of nouveau hippie and suburban kid fans and formed this super-hippie-fan-base that followed them around the country, but there will just be a mass-dispersal of dirty new wave hippies everywhere! Without Phish to corral them, they'll wind up wandering the streets, barefoot and hemp-beaded, confused and directionless, drinking green tea and picking rocks out of their sandals and just looking for some new bearded guru to lead them! Phish, I implore you, stay together if only to keep these people occupied!

(p.s. no offense to *sane* Phish fans; I love Billy Breathes and Rift and even saw Phish back in 1996 or something, but I'm not dedicating my life to being unwashed and spinning in a circle while they improvise for 20 minutes. That's just lame.)

Posted by: Renee at August 11, 2004 08:08 AM

I like the phrase "'sane' Phish fans"...not so subtly implying that none actually exist... I don't know about Kristina but I don't plan on doing any spinning this weekend...but I haven't ruled out buying a flower crown...Hey its the last show ever man...I just hope there's a mass riot when 10,000 desperate hippies without tickets crash the gates...I love the smell of blood and patchouli in the morning

Posted by: Susan at August 12, 2004 07:13 AM

I really don't know what Phish fans are going to do now... my guess would be Bonnaroo. Although I'm not really a hippie, I really like Phish's music and I was super excited to take part in at least one Phish festival; for the experience and the memmories... and to hang out with Susan. It was crazy and dirty, but it was great in other ways at the same time. Details and pics soon.

Posted by: Kristina at August 18, 2004 09:01 AM