August 20, 2004

Vacation Pictures 1: Jamestown, NY

Saturday, August 7th, Aaron drove me to SFO at 6am. We got to the airport and I checked myself in quickly and headed to the security check. As always, I was selected for extra-special screening where they scanned my purse (my only carry-on item) two more times, some guy in gloves went through my bag by hand, my very dangerous-looking shoes were scanned and I had to stand with my feet apart and my arms out to be patted down (by a woman this time, thankfully) and wanded. The girl made a comment that I looked sad... Now, why would I possibly look sad after being delayed and mildly humiliated (as seems to ALWAYS happen to me when I fly) at 6:15 in the morning??

The flight to Pittsburgh was uneventful - I wasn't seated near Dad, Brandy and Issey, so I watched 13 Going on 30 and read some more Master and Margarita. I ate some not terribly spicy gumbo for lunch with Dad, Brandy and Issey at Pittsburgh and had Brandy sit next to me on the flight to Buffalo, since the rest my of my row was empty. We met up with Joy at the baggage claim in Buffalo (she had been in NYC visiting a friend and got there an hour before us) and headed to Jamestown in our rental mini-van. We stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house first and hung out before heading to my aunt Pam's (my dad's little sister) where Dad and my sisters and I would be staying. We stayed up real late, but Pam and her husband Jim had to go to bed since they get up at 3:15 every morning to go to work.

The next day, Sunday was my dad's big 50th Birthday picnic at the Viking Club lake park. It was an excellent day; the whole family from around the country was there, my godfather and my dad's great airforce buddy, Jim, made a surprise appearance and all my dad's old high school, junior college and band buddies were there. He was so happy and I got a lot of great pictures... but when I was checking my available memory Monday morning, I accidently deleted all of them. Damn! That day, Grandma drove Joy, Brandy and I from Jamestown to Erie, PA to go to this absolutely massive arts and crafts store. Joy and Brandy got stuff for knitting, but I'm not to crafty these days, so I mostly just checked out all the neat stuff there. I love stuff. Everyone (except Grandma, who's some sort of local election official and had a meeting) went out to dinner and I had the best $10 fillet mignon ever and the largest glass of red wine I've ever had at a restaurant.

1 family dinner.jpgGrandpa, Dad, Brandy, Issey, Me, Pam and Jim

That night, Joy, Brandy and I hung out at my cousin Andy's place, with our other cousin Betheny and Andy's wife, Holly. It turns out that Holly's super into Bollywood, too, and even more into Indian culture than me. Joy left for California on Tuesday and Brandy and I chilled at Pam's all day - she finished her 2nd scarf of the trip since our trip to Erie. We went to Andy and Holly's again, and took Issey along this time. We tried to make some Indian food (but failed) and watched Biwi No. 1 - loved it!

2 holly and issey.jpgHolly cooking and Issey

3 kyle and brooke.jpgKyle (Betheny's son) and Brooke (Andy and Holly's daughter)

4 brandy, brooke and kyle.jpgBrandy, Brooke and Kyle

On Wednesday, the men in the family went shooting, but Pam left me her car so Brandy and I could drive around Jamestown. Since the only place I know how to get around there is my grandparents' house, we just went there. It was my last night in Jamestown - Jim made some of his famous BBQ chicken and Grandma made my dad's favorite potato salad. It was an excellent meal. The next morning, we met at the roller skating rink diner for breakfast (the biggest $2.49 breakfast you can imagine) and when everyone else (even Brandy) went shooting, Grandma took me to where I was to get the Amtrak bus to Buffalo to catch a train to Albany for the next leg of my trip.

5 grandma, pam, issey and brandy.jpgGrandma, Pam, Issey and Brandy (knitting as always)

6 dad, jim and grandpa.jpgDad, Jim and Grandpa

7 aunti pam barbecuing.jpgPam cooking yummy chicken

Going back to Jamestown is always nice. It's so green and peaceful, and seeing my family is always so nice. Since it was fairly cool and even rained a bit while we were there, I didn't get a single bite. However, in light of what I was in for next, that part of the trip seems like a a blur...

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My husband's entire family was born and lives in Jamestown and or Falconer..hence how I came upon you blog.. I enjoyed it, but no mention of the Lucy Ball museum lol

Posted by: Fairy at January 31, 2006 08:53 AM

Hey No pics of me...

Posted by: Joey at July 7, 2006 11:25 PM