September 03, 2004

Poker Dating Game

This morning, I got up and started playing poker with Renee instead of reading (I'm on vacation today). Her site has nothing on it anymore b/c some girl broke into her email account and deleted all her stuff, but that's another story. Some guy from San Jose saw that I was from San Francisco:

sssJ: damn youn right up the street
krisalm: if you're talking about 101 or 280, sure
sssJ: hey close enough right?
Mango2004: zzzz
sssJ: you beat the cowboys
sssJ: ?
krisalm: me?
sssJ: yea
krisalm: not sure what you're referring to
sssJ: pocket kings

I looked back through the play history - still wasn't sure what he was talking about.

sssJ: where do you stay in frisco
krisalm: i hate when people call it "frisco"
sssJ: my bad
krisalm: but i live in pacific heights

I love lying to strangers.

sssJ: sf
krisalm: it's a neighborhood in SF
sssJ: is it nice or getto
sssJ: do you got a man?
krisalm: of course i do
krisalm: he's sitting right here reading this :)
sssJ: well r u married to him?
krisalm: we're engaged
sssJ: so theres still time to change you mind?
krisalm: why would i want to?
krisalm: b/c you saw my picture and are impressed w/ my poker play?
krisalm: besides, he's my baby's daddy

Renee had been telling me on IM to say this to him, in between us making total fun of this guy.

sssJ: thats cool as long as your happy
Mango2004: Is this Poker Stars or the Dating Game?
krisalm: i'm very happy
krisalm: that's what i'm saying
krisalm: my name isn't "hitonme"
shellie07: you tell him
sssJ: it was worth a shot?
krisalm: well, you're going to have to work on your approach
sssJ: might that have changed your mind
krisalm: not on me

I actually don't care that guys try to hit on me in online poker because it seems to distract them from their play and they're nicer to me during game play. Aaron wasn't really there at the time and we're not really engaged... and there's no way we have a baby.

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no, i aint reading ur crap above. nice 2 see my plan has worked.ur such a vain pigheaded person. lux like u & ur nerdy m8s need 2 learn english. ur soo gullable, others opinions mean alot 2 u (apart 4rm dissin ash). i am a huge fan of shaki's but i do admit that she has sum flaws and i aint talking looks wise ok, i aint like u thinking ash dont even fart coz u think she is sum kinda superior being. ur always scared that no one will agree wiv u, u need 2 sort yer self out gal. no u aint better than any1 & neither r ur so called m8s. every1 is equal. since u really dislike my comments, y dont u remove them?. this is the last time im gonna reply so how abt a gudbye kiss, kiss my arse u nutty ash freak. ur soooo narrow minded, i feel sorry 4 u.

Posted by: katia at September 10, 2004 02:27 AM

dont bother replying coz i aint ever gonna read it, i know ur ego will get the better of and u will defend urself bla bla bla, coz u have summat 2 prove 2 urself and ur geeks. ur so transparent.

Posted by: katia at September 10, 2004 02:31 AM

How can I argue with that. It would make sense that a total stranger, who's not even from this country and who I would never even know in real life because she's obviously never been to school, would know me so well as to make such judgments about me and shove them in my face on my own blog. Thank you, Katia, for showing me the error of my ways and totally ruining my day for no other reason than your own ignorance and vindictiveness. Somehow I get the feeling that you're projecting some of your least becoming characteristics onto me, since I don't even see how you'd be able to get half of what you've said from what I've written. You want to believe that about me and you've foreclosed the efficacy of anything I could possibly say by saying that you won't read this reply (which I know you will because you're that kind of person) and that you know I will try to defend myself. What's wrong with that. You're forgetting that this is MY house, and I bet that if someone came into your house and said such things to you, you would feel the need to say something back. I did really want to just delete your comments since they really don't add anything to this online discussion and they're barely intelligible, but that's against my beliefs about freedom of speech, even for people like you who don't do anything productive with it and can't even write properly in your own language. As for defending myself and what I've said, I've never denied being a nerd and I'm perfectly aware thatI'm a bitch, but there's a lot more to me than that, and I still seem to have plenty of friends who love and respect me, so perhaps you're missing something about me and you should just stop presuming that you can say such things about me. I don't presume to know anything about you beyond what you've written here and all I've said about you is that you have poor grammar and spelling, and you've very rude here. In closing, I'm giving your fair warning right now that I will delete anything you write on my site in the future... and anything any of your little "friends" write; I'll be able to tell by their barely literate ramblings.

Posted by: Kristina at September 10, 2004 08:46 AM

u tell her, m8! i think it's funny that she got all bent out of shape over the shakira v. aishwarya debate, but then commented on a different entry.

go katia, aren't you quite clever!

Posted by: cody at September 11, 2004 11:18 AM