September 02, 2004

Shopoholics Beware!

Most of you know that I buy almost all my clothes at the Gap for Kids because they actually have stuff that fits me there... and since there's no more Limited, Too in Union Square now that that massive Crate & Barrel is there. So, I have a Gap card that I use all the time. I got a Banana Republic card when I got my suit because I would be able to take 10% off the entire purchase. That's how they get you. Anyway, I just got a letter from Gap Inc. telling me that since they appreciate my business and I'm a preferred cardholder (probably because I have 2 of the 3 cards they issue), they want me to be the first to know that in October they're going to start issuing cards that will work at Gap stores, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Really, I'm not the first to know, but I'm still shamefully, oddly excited about it. Not only will I be able to get rid of one card, but I'll also only have one Gap bill. Perhaps this is being spurred by the fact that they're not doing so hot these days. In searching for that chart, I found this neat little section on what Gap, Inc. is doing about the sweatshop controversy that broke out a couple years ago. It's nice to see that they're responding since they are such a big name in the industry, but I do feel they got an unfair amount of bashing for something that touches every corner of the retail industry. Also, they make jeans that fit me, kids clothes are cheaper than adult clothes any day, and they have great stuff like this:


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