October 23, 2004

Ballin' Barrister-Style

Last night was the annual UC Hastings Barrister's Ball, which I attended with the fabulously fun Cody Sisco as my date (Yes, Cody, you have fully recovered your fun rating in just one evening). Also known as "law prom", Barrister's Ball is more than a fun use of alliteration, it's the only formal event (unlike the notorious Beer on the Beach) Hastings has every year and a chance for us would-be attorneys to dress up and drink up at the same time.

me and erica.jpg
Check out photos of the fun times and great display of style and professionalism

This year, the ball was at the swank and exclusive San Francisco City Club, where the art deco decor and Diego Rivera fresco are well worth getting a look at if you get the chance. I hear last year's place wasn't nearly as nice, so I'm glad I didn't go then. I had heard our tickets came with 2 free drinks each, but that turned out to be a nasty rumor based on last year's offerings, so we settled for paying for $7 mixed drinks and $8 wine - Erica and Cody decided it was most cost effective to drink Long Island Ices Teas. We had a slammin' good time once it got jumping and we got pretty trashed, too. The girls' outfits were fabulous and the guys were lookin' sharp (all those interview suits came in handy). We danced and drank and gossiped and took silly pictures.

At around 1:15, we left the party, got a cab for Erica, and then Cody and I headed to The Bar (on Castro) and had a nightcap. I took a cab over the hill to my house, drunkenly harassed Aaron while he was trying to play a poker tourney and then fell alseep in my PJ's, but with my contacts still in. Ouch!

So, it was a great night and I'm sad that there's only one of these every year because I love dressing up! Oh, a word about my outfit... I got my dress at Macy's (on sale), and I got a new pair of earrings and a bracelet from my favoritest jewelry store, Qoio (I go to the on 24th Street, between Sanchez and Noe because it's closer to me and I hear it's better than the other ones). I'd also like to apologize to Erica for the terrible red-eye. In reality, her eyes are as blue as the lovely blue necklace and earrings she was wearing.

Posted by Kristina at October 23, 2004 01:23 PM

You heard it from me, Kristina. The unpronounceable Qoio on 24th is far superior in selection and location to the one in North Beach, unless you're in the market for a good mask to hang on the wall.

I had a fun time too, it was great to hang out, let's not wait so long until the next time!

Posted by: cody at October 23, 2004 06:18 PM
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