January 16, 2005

I'm a Phooner

Renee recently turned me on to phooning, a running pose one does for photos in interesting and/or inappropriate situations. Some guy named John who lives in the South Bay started this site called Phoons.com, since it's something he's been doing in pictures since the 80's. All kinds of people from all around the world send in pictures of themselves and others phooning, making for one of my new favorite websites out there. There's always new content and phooning is just plain fun to do.

John - the phoon master

On our recent trip to Acapulco, I took a couple phoon pictures, which I've submitted to phoons.com. I got the first picture from both Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas and Acapulco, Mexico. Can you get a first phoon, too?

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Man, phooning rocks.

Posted by: Renee at January 26, 2005 02:14 PM